Saturday, 15 September 2012

Simone Elkeles

simone elkeles

I Lovee her series All of them but my favourite would have to be.....................................
How to ruin series.... but then i love perfect chemistry

Aghhh..... i have no idea what one to chose to be honest,
the both  have  amazing story lines

but its gonna have to be.....

How to ruin series......

How to ruin a summer vacation -

at first i didn't really like the beginning chapters i thought the main character Amy was spoilt and rude to her parent (dad) he wanted her to go to israil to meet his family, if i was her i would love to actually see where my father came from, but after a few chapters i began to understand her i still didn't particularly like her but i understood why she was the way she was.... it did take a little while for it to get interesting and even then i got annoyed it was taking a while to make me wan to sit down and read the whole thing in one sitting!

after the ending of the book i was disappointed that it was over i wanted to know more luckily she decided to write another one... how to ruin my teenage life... which was better than the first one but even then i got annoyed with Amy and the decisions she made she couldn't accept the consequences that happens... i did like the way she sorted herself out in the end which i actually felt proud of her....

the third one had to be my favorite of all time!! i loved it and would give it a How to ruin your boyfriends reputation ...... the whole idea of what she did was amazing i couldnt believe i didnt think she actually loved Avi as much as she actually did, you find out that they both actually have a strong relationship that is put to the test on the '10 day camp' im disapionted that there isnt going to be another one coming out, i have spoken to simione and she said she isnt thinking of one atm but is hoping her publishers will send her to Uk  for a book signing XD

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